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At this point, everybody knows that getting your heart rate up, breaking a sweat, and doing some cardio is going to be great for your health. Aerobic exercise helps keep your heart healthy, strengthens your bones, tones muscles and, of course, burns calories! But the hardest part about doing cardio is not convincing ourselves of the benefit, it's actually motivating ourselves to do it. We are all creatures of habit, in some way or another, and often times we fall into a pattern of doing the same old routine.  Changing up your cardio routine can not only keep your muscles from adapting, but also re-inspire you with a new challenge or experience. 
Here's an idea! Try out a stair workout and see how it feels. Stairs are a great way to burn some extra calories while focusing on the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Obviously, the longer the staircase, the harder and longer the stair workout will be. But, try to find a set of stairs or bleachers with atleast 30 steps to get the most juice for your workout! Try out this workout and see how you feel!  

                                                                     Stairway to Heaven Workout: 

Single step walking X4:  
Nice and easy warm up! take it one step at a time. 
Double step walking  X4: 
Double time! Now walk up the stairs skipping one stair with each step. 
Single step jogs  X4: 
Pick up the pace a little! Now start jogging the stairs, one step at a time. 
Double step jogs X4:  
On the jog, skipping one stair with each stride. Yup! Let's do it!
Side Stepping X4: 
Slow it down for a set. Walk side ways up the stairs, crossing one leg in front of the other to step up.
Double Step Diagonal Jumps X4: 
Jumping diagonally off one leg and landing on the other, skipping a stair in -between. ALL the way to the top!
Two foot bunny hops X4: 
Keeping your feet shoulder width apart, hop up each stair, using your arms to help! 
Single leg hops X2: 
This one can often be the most difficult. Use the handrail for safety if you need it. Hop up each step on the same foot. Try to hop half the distance of the total stairs on one leg, then switch legs half way. Always walk down with both legs :)
Sprints!! X4: 
This is where you lay it all out there! Give it everything you have. Whether you skip 2 steps, 3, 4, whatever,  try to sprint! 

Dr. Vincent