Life is short. Eat dessert first
— Ernestine Ulmer

Life is all about balance. If people tell me, they never eat sugar or don't like dessert, i immediately think they are lying. Everybody likes something that's sweet. It's a part of being a normal human. So let's all agree that dessert is a part of life, and let's live a little and enjoy it!  Now, although no one has ever been hurt by a single cupcake... a dozen cupcakes is a different story. So how can we enjoy dessert or satisfy a sweet tooth, without unleashing the flood gates and eating the entire dessert table. Sometimes, that is easier said than done, but here are a few tips. 

1. Just let go! Telling yourself that you can NEVER eat dessert, will only breed more of that rebellious spirit that draws you closer and closer to a dessert chow down session. By telling yourself that sweets aren't allowed, it can also cause some people to feel guilty when they actually do eat them. The first rule: allow yourself to indulge. Enjoy it, and let's figure it out later. 

2. Portion Size:  Eating sweets isn't about being hungry! It's about satisfying a craving. So the bigger the cupcake, doesn't necessarily mean the better. A standard red velvet cupcake, with all of its amazing deliciousness, has approximately 500 calories. Just for reference, thats approximately a 5 mile run to work off that 1 minute of mouth ecstasy!  However, a mini red velvet cupcake has approximately 150 calories. Portion size is crucial when choosing dessert. By choosing smaller portions of sweets, you can nip that sugar craving in the bud, and keep your calorie count lower in the long run. 

3. Plan Ahead: So you know you are heading out with friends, going to a wedding, baby shower, birthday, whatever, and you know there will be some amazing baked goods and sweets. Moderating your calories during the day, is a great way to keep your overall caloric balance in check. That doesn't mean starving yourself all day, because that can have negative effects on the metabolism and hormones, but decreasing some calories here and there can create some room to indulge a little later. Hold the dressing on your salad, slow down on the 3pm snacking, and choosing a healthier lunch option are all easy ways to create a little wiggle room in the daily calorie balance. 

4. Pre Package your Desserts: When you're having a dinner party or bringing a dessert to a get-together, come up with a creative or festive way to pre-package your dessert. This way you can decrease the average portion per serving (See the s'mores picture above). Try a mason jar or individual basket to create a smaller stand alone dessert, which secretly is a smaller portion. Because, if they're all on the same plate, it's just too easy to grab another :) Remember, although the other dessert-partakers won't know about your secret calorie skimming ways, it's still good Karma. 

Cheers for dessert!
Dr. Vincent