Hey there! I'm Dr. Vincent. I am currently a resident physician specializing in a small niche area called Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R for short). PM&R docs can focus on many different areas of the physical human body, but I am focused on maximizing the potential of our human body through proper nutrition, functional movement, and healthy behavior. Before I entered into the medical world, I was a division 1 collegiate soccer player and received a bachelor's degree in Exercise Biology. For the past decade, I have worked in many different areas of health and fitness, and coached hundreds of patients through many unique personal journeys. I have worked as a clinical exercise specialist for an adult and children's obesity facility, coached professional athletes in athletic performance and functional movements, trained countless private clients, and even conducted tele-rehab programs for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Inside each of us, we have the potential to exceed our wildest expectations and live extraordinary lives. Creating a healthy foundation is the first step. Being healthy isn't a short term fix or fad. It's a way of thinking. It's a way of living. Let's create your health culture!